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I am a Disciple of Christ, YouTuber, Streamer, and husband. I'm passionate about the Gospel, tech, and (obviously) gaming! I work full time as an Anti-Money Laundering Investigator. I thoroughly enjoy discussing people's questions about Him, and hearing others' testimonies! I'm married to my lovely wife of 7 years, and we have 2 cats that are dying to make their big debut. Hit me up on Discord, Twitter, or really any other social media site that you see here!



A long time (meaning over the age of 50) gamer and blessed to be the father of 4 adult gaming kids with 3 son-in-law gamers and family in the gaming industry. I am just an aeronautical engineer who loves Jesus and likes to game. I have been a Christian since 16 and recommitted my life to Jesus at 42 after I fell. God pursued me and restored my life and my gaming. I live on the West coast in Washington state. Besides PC gaming, I am into comics, tabletop games (D&D and boardgames), movies and being a nerd.



"Family-Friendly Christian Twitch Affiliate! Co-Admin Mighty Grace Positive Gaming, Member of God Mode Activated and The Unashamed Network! A man of many hats; Single father of two children, seminary graduated Youth Pastor, podcaster, guitarist, website administrator, graphic artist and much more!"



Keep up with this married Youth Pastor based out of Pennsylvania on Twitter and YouTube. Enjoys Video Games, Comic Books, and profound spiritual discussions.



All are welcome in the Kingdom! Jesus, Family, Gaming and Music all in one. #LolaFighterGirl #JaidenHunter03 #MorenaFlame #KingBull140 We are Kingdom Academia. Check out #FuzzyFanz corner with #LolaFighterGirl for unboxings, doll playtime, #TBT, art, music, Jesus, and more!



Gamer, Dad, Nerd! Streaming mostly FPS, but multi-genre! Feel at-home and welcomed, chat with me, be different it’s OK! Welcome to #TheLandOfMisfits where we always #SeekTheReason​

Hello all my name is KingdoMisfit, aka DJ Symplicity!

Self proclaimed best hat backwards guy on Twitch! I am new to streaming on Twitch, but have streamed live DJ sets in the past so I have a little experience with different software. I am normally playing multiplayer games a lot, but I also dabble in storyline games and other genres as well. Mostly CoD and Apex Legends, If I am ever playing multiplayer games feel free to join in!



Lifetime Christian, US Marine, that has been an active gamer since the original Nintendo and Windows 3.1 PC games. At the age of 36 I started to actively pursue Christ instead of just blindly following him and turning to him in need. Join me for wholesome laid back time gaming and communing.

Join me for laid back time and a light discussion of God as it arises along with some good times gaming and communing.



I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. I have some baby VHS Tapes to prove it. I am a God fearing man and I am not afraid to say it. I highly enjoy FPS style games. I started really getting into Counter Strike in my younger years. (OGL TOP 3, CAL-M) The team fell apart and are no longer active. I got heavy into streaming around the time I started playing Escape From Tarkov. (8/13/2017 - Thanks to my good friend Coldblood06 , Look him up.) I try to keep a clean and Interactive stream at all times. (Troll all you want; you won't break me) Please do feel free to ask me what I am trying to complete in stream. I have no problem involving the audience. Good Luck, Have Fun And See You In-Game. GOD BLESS & GOD SPEED


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