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Home Brew is a wholesome, loving community that focuses on ESO Housing & Farming. We welcome people from all walks who desire a loving community to play with!


We love to decorate and will soon offer ESO decorator services for hire. Have a house but need some help with the design, crafting, or both? We would love to help! Are you a decorator who wants to hang with other decorators? Join us!


We offer a Buy List of specific items and rates for in-game items. We buy items from this list constantly to help casual farmers make gold easily, without the requirements of trade guilds.

Rates & Info

All of our rate information is provided & kept up-to-date in our Discord. You can open up the appropriate categories in the server depending on what parts of the guild you would like to participate in. Only our Farmers will see the Farming information, and only our Housers will see the Housing information.

JeanneDArcc's Designs

Changuita's Gardens


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