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Our Morning Song

Fellowship for Christian gamers who are committed to growing in faith while navigating the difficulties of bringing faith into the gaming world.

Games We Play

- Elder Scrolls Online Christian Guild

- Minecraft Bedrock Christian Realm

- Farming Simulator 2019 Christian Server

- Escape from Tarkov

- Call of Duty

- Among Us

- Civilization VI

- World of Warcraft

- Star Wars: the Old Republic

- and more!

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Elder Scrolls Online

Christian Guild

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Christian Realm


Elder Scrolls Online

Christian Guild Events Schedule

Elder Scrolls Online

Christian Guild Events Gallery

Random Guild Moments

11.2020 Guild Dueling Tournament

Guild Dungeons & Trials

12.2020 Winter Housing Event

JeanneDArcc & Ravenx9mm ESO Wedding

Our Morning Song | Event Leader


  • Plan and host in-game events in the game of your choosing

  • Lead group in prayer prior to start of events

  • Promote events and encourage participation in game and server


  • Is firm in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Meets and supports all Morning Brew community rules, Code of Conduct, mission, values and beliefs

  • Is 18 years old or older

  • A member of the OMS ESO guild or Minecraft Realm

  • Committed to upholding the privacy, security, and safety of our group and its members

  • Committed to planning, promoting, and hosting in-game events

All role descriptions are subject to change at any time without notice or explanation.


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