I live at the top of a tall hill and this morning as I was driving in to work I could see the beautiful, incredible, colorful sunrise that God had painted on the sky for us to see. What was even more incredible was that just below the mountain lines was an immense fog covering everything. I couldn’t see the cityscape, I could not see the buildings, the cars, or the trees below the mountains. As I drove down the hill toward the sunrise I sank lower and lower into this fog covering everything until I could no longer see the sunset. The fog was all around me with only tiny lights from headlights down the freeway. Fog covers everything. It makes it difficult to see clearly, and even though we can see little bits of light in the fog they are dimmed and very small and make the fog seem greater than the lights. When we are in fog we tend to feel like it is surrounding us and we cannot escape it. It feels dark, heavy, and never-ending. Fog is much life darkness in our lives. We often feel like the difficulties we face in life are too big for us, they are just too much and we can’t get through it. We tend to feel like it will never get better or brighter; that it will always be this way.

When I got to the end of the fog on my drive to work I entered a colorful, bright, overwhelming scene. It was so beautiful it felt like I had not just seen it 10 minutes ago. It felt like a new, bright, colorful scene. When we are in fog we don’t see that at the end of it is a beautiful, bright, colorful world just waiting for us on the other side. We don’t see it, so we have a hard time believing it is there. The light is there and it is bigger and brighter and more powerful than any fog and any darkness you will ever face. The fogs of life are just a tiny blip of darkness that seem huge at the time but are a mere shadow in the world of light and color we are really living in.

Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20:29


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