Newsletter: June 2020

I am excited to announce that we have some big changes coming to the community. From the beginning of God's Gamers I knew God called on me to make our overall community about supporting fellow believers. We have evolved and grown over time and God has clarified our mission here. We are taking the next big leap on God's designated path for us as we realign and (yes, again) rebrand some elements. What does this mean?

  • God's Gamers: Name and branding will be morphed. Our community will be clarified so that we all understand what each piece is designed to do and who it is designed for.

  • Our Morning Song, ESO Christian Guild & Christian Minecraft Realm: The community Guilded server will take on the overall naming of our ESO guild (Our Morning Song), lessening confusion for our amazing ESO members. I understand it has always been confusing trying to figure out what the difference is between GG and OMS, and now we are going to make this very clear.

  • Morning Brew: Our IRL & Bible Study elements will shift over to the current branding of Morning Brew, our current devotionals section on the website as well as my streaming community & shows. This will remain in our Guilded server but it will be shifted into a separate tab/group on the left side bar so that it is easier to access and find, and so that those who are strictly here for ESO can find the ESO content much easier. We hope and pray you will engage in Morning Brew as well, but fully respect and understand that currently its a bit confusing and possibly overwhelming to have so much happening, and its too easy for things to get lost, and for game announcements and events to be missed.

  • Walking Together: The website is going to take on the brand of Walking Together. This is one of the biggest changes we will see. Walking Together is exactly what the original mission for God's Gamers was, but much, much more clearly defined. Please take some time to go through the website to discover all kinds of great information about this effort. Both Morning Brew and Our Morning Song are within the Walking Together Network, and more communities and creators will also be added to the Walking Together Network over time!

These are not 3 different communities, but one with many body parts all working together to do their proper part. We are all the body of Christ and each body part is designed to do its intended purpose and that is what we are striving to do. So please forgive me for any confusion, be patient as you see changes unfold, and ask question as they arise!! Please, get involved, fellowship with us, and grow in Christ together. <3



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