December Newsletter

The last couple of months have flown by incredibly quickly! Seems to be a running theme for the whole year of 2020. The end of the year is fast approaching and we have so much planned ahead for the new year! I would love to share with you what we have been doing over the last couple of months, as well as a preview of what is ahead for 2021 for the Morning Brew Community!


In September we officially launched our ladies' fellowship group, which is now officially named The Vineyard, a fellowship of Christian women who believe that we are called to learn, grow and produce the fruit of the Spirit to grow in Jesus' grace and love. We have completed 4 Book Overview studies together, which you can find here, and come the new year we will continue our Book Overviews as well as add in a guided study. We welcome ladies of faith to join us for fellowship & study!

We are also working on a mens' fellowship group, The Forge, A fellowship of Christian men who believe that 'iron sharpens iron' to grow in Jesus' grace and love. Details are still being finalized but we plan to open this up to men of faith in the new year. Watch for more details to come!

Walking Together Network is growing, and we have some fun plans in store there! We have begun using a new Twitch channel for the WTNetwork to host official events which we hope to have on a monthly basis. Check out our amazing content creators and communities, and join us on Twitch!

Keep up to date with all fellowship events here!


In the last couple of months we have closed 2020 with some incredible and in-depth studies! Check out the blog studies and the study notes from the previous series. You can also watch the past streams from our studies on our YouTube!

For 2021 we have the whole year planned with a series of exciting book studies! We will start the year walking through the Epistles of Paul, then we will dive into the Gospels of Jesus, and conclude the year with Acts and James. All year we will dive in deep book by book on stream as well as on the blog, and as usual you can look forward to the study notes being available for your use any time! Our ladies' group Book Overviews will work in tandem with the main community series so you will have opportunities to do a deep dive in the stream studies and in the notes, a mid-level study on the blog for each book, and then an overview level guide for each book as well. This will help us to dive into each book we are studying this year in a variety of depths to accommodate each of us, no matter where we are on our journey.

We also will have a variety of studies on the blog throughout the year which will be determined by requests on Twitch using channel points, suggestions from the community, and other needs that arise throughout the year. We strive to always be learning and growing in the Word of God and will continue to work hard to provide a variety of edifying and encouraging studies for you in a multitude of ways all year long.


Over the last couple of months we have gotten our Bedrock Minecraft Realm back up and rocking, and our ESO Guild is continuing to grow and thrive. We have also added a few games to the Discord server and have been playing a wider variety of games and events together. There are now special roles and channels for Minecraft, Call of Duty, Among Us, Faming Simulator 2019, Elder Scrolls Online, Civilization VI, Escape from Tarkov, World of Warcraft and Star Wars: the Old Republic. We also have a general gaming lounge where people can group up and chat about other games, and as games grow in popularity in the community we consider new official roles and channels for them as well.

During our game time we always strive to have solid fellowship. You will not find mere gameplay here but encouraging fellowship and relationship building, as well as lots of loving people who love to help others how we can in their games and gaming habits. You can find out more about game events and other game information, event pictures, and fun here.


We have expanded and revamped our service opportunities and you can find a variety of opportunities on the serve page. We currently have roles open in the overall community, as well as in a variety of our groups. We always ask that you be praying over the part God may be calling you to play here within the community. Feel free to reach out to me, JeanneDArcc, with any questions you may have.


Our community has blown me away with the generous support given. Financial support helps fund different things for the community such as our website, graphic programs to help build logos and art for members and the community, special giveaways, host the Minecraft Realm, and upgrade our moderation bot in Discord for higher security, efficiency and functionality in managing our growing server. As we grow, our expenses grow, and any incoming funds will allow us to expand and enhance our different offerings for the community.

Any support God guides you to give is so beyond appreciated, but is never expected. If you would like to help support the community in this manner you can do so through Twitch Bits and Twitch Subs on my channel, and Merchandise purchases through our merch shop.

All merchandise in the shop are custom designs intended to inspire faith and share the love of God. I love taking requests for designs, and am adding new items to the store often.

Ongoing & Upcoming

With the new year just around the corner we have so much in store! Here are a few things to look forward to:

  1. Blog: We have cleaned up our blog categories and are working on making the blog easier to navigate, search, and locate studies on topics you are looking for. Watch for changes as they unfold, but as of now we have an archive and a “tag” system which will be expanded in the coming weeks on the All Posts page.

  2. We Brew: We are working on fine tuning the details of our We Brew Together group which is dedicated to parent fellowship and will also host a Teen Brew group for the teens of the parents in We Brew. If you are interested in possibly serving here please check out the serve page and also watch for updates here.

  3. Home Brew: We are working on a new ESO Guild which will be an outreach opportunity for the community. While it will not be a Christian guild it will remain under the leadership of Morning Brew Leaders and will be used to inspire faith in a different manner in ESO. This guild will focus on farming and housing in game, but our vision is to use this endeavor to help make ESO a more fair and enjoyable experience not just for those in the guild but beyond as well. Find out more information here.

  4. Leader to Leader: We are beginning a category on the site for fellow Christian community leaders. This will be used to provide fellow leaders with edifying studies and content to encourage them in leading their communities in Christ focused, God honoring ways. Leading ministry is a massive challenge and we are not meant to do it alone. We will be working alongside fellow leaders in deeper ways this coming year. Watch for more details to be announced!

  5. Creations for the Creator: I am thrilled to announce a new event we will begin in January and have every month called Creations for the Creator. God has blessed each of us with a variety of creative gifts and we want to encourage each of you to use those gifts in ways that honor, glorify and worship our amazing God. Details are posted in the Discord server and will also soon be up on the site! Watch for those details to be announced and get creative with us in a variety of ways! There are in-game and in-real-life options!

Show me the numbers

I am very excited to announce our end of year membership numbers. Why is this important? These numbers equate to people who have committed in some capacity to growing in faith with us, receiving study updates, studying alongside us, fellowshipping in a loving community of fellow believers, and overall have chosen to be a part of this community in some manner knowing we are here to love, encourage and grow in faith and fellowship. No one is just a number here. Each person is an opportunity to build personal relationships and share the love and truth of Jesus, and each person is an incredible blessing to have here with us.

How many members do we have?

  • 197 members on Discord (201 including our 4 bots)

  • 14 Walking Together Network Creators and Community Leaders

  • 260+ members in Our Morning Song ESO Guild

  • 10+ active Minecraft Realm members and more to be added

  • 410 Twitch followers

  • 225 Twitter followers with 19.5k impressions in the last month where we share our studies, updates and verses of the day

  • 106 Pinterest followers with 12k average monthly views where we share our studies, updates and verses of the day

  • 16 YouTube subscribers where we share our past study videos

  • 39 blog subscribers

What about Twitch numbers?

We have also grown from an average of 2 viewers on Twitch for our Bible Studies to a growing average of 17 per stream. We have also had a total of 781 unique viewers in the short month of December engaging with our deep dive studies.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19 our community has blossomed this year and it has been such a blessing to be here doing what we do. I am looking forward to the new year and everything God has in store for us. God bless, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year everyone!

Start every day brewing

over the Word of God

Morning Brew is a Christian living blog and community that encourages followers of Jesus to start every morning brewing over the Word of God, rejoicing in the Lord, learning more about who He is, and thanking Him for His salvation, provisions and blessings. We are here to grow in our faith and relationship with God every day.

Through our Bible study and Christian living blog, Christian gaming community, women's Bible study and fellowship group, reading plans, and other groups and offerings we strive to build one another up as the body of Christ and edify one another by sharing in what God teaches and reveals to each of us on our faith journeys.

Our Bible study blog covers a multitude of topics relevant to Christian living and practical Biblical application. We focus on deep topical studies, Bible book overviews and  Bible translation studies in our God's Word category. Godly Living is all about living life as a believer in Christ and features categories for everyday Christian living, hobbies, food, and Christian homemaking. Within Godly Abiding we dive into Biblical application within a Godly family, self care, prayer and living an orderly life.

Our gaming community, which includes our Christian ESO guild and Christian Minecraft Realm, as well as our Christian women's group, the Vineyard, and all other events and offerings are designed to foster meaningful Christian to Christian fellowship. Our mission is to grow in faith and learn how to become better examples of Christ together in all areas of our lives.​

We love to welcome new members into our growing community and are housed in Discord where we hang out, meet up, play, pray, study and build relationships with one another. We would love to meet and grow with you - join us today!

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