Deuteronomy | Bible Book Overview

Who? | Author & Audience

Moses wrote Deuteronomy for the new generation of Israelites that would inherit the land promised to their ancestors by God.

When? | Dates

Deuteronomy covers the timeline of approximately 1446BC-1380BC, and is said to have been written while the Israelites were camped across from the Promised Land, right before entering the land.

Where? | Setting

On the plains of Moab, across the Jordan River from the Promised Land where they camped after their 40 years wandering the wilderness.

What & Why? | Outline & Purpose

  1. Moses reviews the history of the Israelites (Deu. 1–3)

  2. Promises and need for leaders (Deu. 1)

  3. Israel’s journey and rebellion (Deu. 2-3)

  4. Moses reviews the law for the Israelites (Deu. 4–26)

  5. Commands (Deu. 4-13)

  6. Worship and fellowship (Deu. 14-26)

  7. Moses reviews the covenant between God and the Israelites (Deu. 27–30)

  8. Moses' final days (Deu. 31–34)

How? | Application

  • The fifth book of the Pentateuch; the books of Moses.

  • Summary of the whole Pentateuch, and the first book of prophecy.

  • Tells of Israel's disobedience, destruction and eventual restoration.

  • Reminds us that we are called to love and obey God, that God is a promise keeper, and that there are consequences for disobedience as well as the promise of hope to come.

  • Updates and expands on the laws for the Israelites as they prepare to enter the Promised Land.

  • Focuses on the generation of Israelites that were not present during the events on Mount Sinai.

  • Lessons for the Israelites in how God wanted them to live in the land He had been promised to them in their ancestors' lifetime.

  • Tells of the last days of Moses' life, and the choosing of his successor.

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