Exodus | Bible Book Overview

Exodus Pentateuch Bible Book Overview

Who? | Author & Audience

Widely believed to be primarily written by Moses. Some content was likely added in by others later.

The immediate audience would have been the Israelites.

When? | Dates

The book of Exodus occurs between approximately 1915 BC to 1406 BC.

Where? | Setting

Israelites in Egypt, then their journey out of Egypt to Mount Sanai.

What & Why? | Outline & Purpose

Exodus Pentateuch Bible Book Overview

How? | Application

  • Exodus is the second book of the Pentateuch, and one of the five books of the Torah.

  • First half of Exodus is the fulfillment of promises made to Abraham.

  • Second half of Exodus is about the revelation of the covenant.

  • God provides His commandments and instructions for His people.

  • God displays His power, boundaries, provisions, and protection over His people.

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