February Newsletter

February has been an incredible month. We have taken a step back in order to really live out Psalm 46:10. We have had an incredible journey this month in rebalancing our hearts, priorities and focus on Christ above all else. We all need to be reminded constantly who is in control, and that is the Lord Almighty.

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! Psalms 46:10 NKJV

Beginning in March we are going to begin a new sort of series throughout the community and site to further encourage fellow members of the Body of Christ to be diligently diving deeply into the Word of God, to grow in relationship with the Lord, and fellowship with His people. You should begin to see more emails from us, more content on the website and blog, and more encouragement in the Word overall.

Word of the Month

God has put on my heart to start praying over a word of the month which He places on my heart. I will share with you all the word He puts on my heart for us as a community and encourage you to pray with me and study His Word throughout the month on this theme.

Each Word of the Month will have a recommended Reading Plan to accompany it, which we encourage you to follow along with us if you feel so led.

Verse of the Week

Previously we had done a verse of the day, and after taking a break to pray over the future of this part of our blog we are going to move to a Verse of the Week. The purpose of this change is to encourage all of us to be meditating on His Word more deeply and intentionally.

We will plan for each Verse of the Week to include a weekly blog devotional, artwork to download in various sizes, and in the future we will work on weekly video devotionals and there might be a weekly stream returning to map out the verse together. Please pray with us for the complete direction here.

Diving Deeper Small Groups

We have launched Small Groups and have several up and running so far. This has been an incredible experience so far that I am so grateful for God’s guidance and provisions for. I loved having our large group studies, but I also know God has been leading us toward diving into His Word more personally and intimately, and encouraging everyone to dive in themselves to learn how to be fed in their personal relationship with the Lord. Everyone has different needs, knowledge, struggles, and questions and we have already begun to tackle all of this so much more deeply within small groups. I personally encourage everyone to pray over whether the Lord may be leading you to also join and/or lead a Small Group with us!

Creations for the Creator

Every month we have a theme for our Creations for the Creator event, which encourages all of us to use whatever creative abilities God has given to each of us to worship Him, meditate on His Word, and give Him the glory through our artwork. Remember that creativity is not limited to what we stereotype as such - look at the craftsmanship of our Lord. He has created all things, and being made in His image we likewise have snippets of His craftmanship in various forms and He calls on us to do all things for Him. Join us every month in using your talents to worship God and bring Him glory.


We have many places throughout our community that we are praying over God to lead the right people in to serve and help us grow and move forward in His will and plan. If you have felt a nudge on your heart to serve in this community please reach out anytime. You don’t have to know exactly how in order to get the conversation. We’ve determined that the best way to open the conversation of service is to fully give it to God and let Him determine the people He calls to serve and in what unique ways for each person He so calls to serve. Don’t hesitate to step out in faith and start the conversation about serving.


For those who feel led to give back to our community financially we have moved Patreon Subscriptions. If you would like to learn more please feel free to check out our Patreon page. We also have a merchandise shop filled with custom, God-honoring designs intended to inspire and proclaim faith. We never ask for nor expect financial support, but if God puts it on your heart to give back in this way it is always so incredibly appreciated.

Please join us in praying over our community as we navigate, learn, grow, and fight the battle we are all in. This community has been such an incredible blessing for myself personally, and I am constantly hearing from fellow members who are grateful for the space you are all part of creating here. Thank you all for everything you do here within our community. Please also be praying over our nation and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world. There is so much happening all around us right now that can easily trigger immense fear and anxiety. Lift your worries, stress, anger, anxieties and everything you are facing and feeling in honesty to the Lord. None of it is too big, or too small, for Him to hear you. He yearns for us to bring it all to Him and allow Him to take full control of all aspects of our lives. Hand it all to Him and keep on praying for our brothers and sisters, as well as the lost all over the world, to do likewise. May we be a light for His kingdom and glory in the growing darkness of this world.


Start every day brewing

over the Word of God

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