GSP Signal Lost

Traveling anywhere today is easy. Just turn on the GPS, set your course, and off you go. No more maps or asking for directions. You can mindlessly listen to a podcast, book, music or even converse with those in your car while letting the ever present voice of GPS tell you that you are on the fastest route to your destination. Most likely, we know the destination and are just unsure of the best route to get there so we leave it up to GPS.

Ever felt the panic and fear when the dreaded words "GPS signal lost" blares at you? Do you wonder if you are now lost? Or are you the one who just keeps on trucking along since GPS was only an aid as you plotted the course before ever embarking?

What about your life? Do you depend on a GPS, or another’s GPS, blindly following? Do you depend on a GPS for your relationships, putting it into autopilot and not really concerning yourself with the course? We shouldn't be surprised when we get the "GPS signal lost" alert for broken relationships, lost jobs, life's challenges, and other important things. Too many people depend on their own GPS to guide them without ever thinking of the destination.

It is too easy to depend on our own GPS for our lives that are outside of God. God should be the GPS for our lives. Yes, the path from point A to point B is supposed to be a straight line but God's GPS guides us on a curvy and hilly path? When we use our own GPS, we are going to get lost. We are going to stray. We are going to mess things up. We need to depend on God's GPS.

Thankfully when God does send the "GPS signal lost" alert it’s for our good. It’s the alert when we aren't praying, studying the word, showing the fruit of the spirit, are sinning, and not depending on God. We must put our trust in him and follow God's GPS so we don't get lost and forget to check in, pray, study, take care to keep our lives on track.

Use God’s GPS for your life.

GPS Signal Reestablished.

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