Newsletter: August 2020

I want to first and foremost say thank you to everyone for patience and understanding as we have been working through the long process of realigning our community to be what God calls it to be. I wanted to give a breakdown of what we have done as well as what is changing now.

What have we done so far?

  • Moved back to Discord from Guilded for the main housing of our community.

  • Soft-launched Walking Together Network

  • Added a Fellowship Events schedule to the site where anyone can RSVP to get email reminders

  • Started uploading past Bible studies from Twitch to Youtube for later viewing

  • Started uploading all posts to Pinterest, on top of Twitter

  • Started a “Downloadables” page with free downloadable content that is custom designed to inspire faith and proclaim God’s truth.

  • Realigned our blog:

  • Weekly studies are our focus community-wide throughout the week

  • Opened up Walking Together Shares category for community members to submit their content for publication

  • Began posting Mon-Fri Verses of the Day with custom images for you to use and share

  • Created an “archive” system where you can find posts based on certain topics on the All Posts page (drop down arrow on the blog menu)

  • Created and Off Topic channel where we can post fun posts that don’t necessarily focus on Bible study

What’s happening now?

  • URL change from -to-

  • Finalizing the alignment of all sectors within the community

  • Finalizing the branding of the website

  • Finalizing the overall community branding

  • Officially launching Walking Together Network

  • Soft launching Lady Gamers for Christ sector

  • Soft launching Families Gaming Together sector’

  • Opening up various leadership positions for new sectors

What is the final, official alignment and branding?

The overall community is Morning Brew. The community as a whole focuses on “brewing over the Word of God every day.”

Morning Brew (MB)

Scripture, Coffee, Life

  • The overall community is Morning Brew. The community as a whole focuses on “brewing over the Word of God every day.”

Our Morning Song (OMS)

Scripture, Gaming, Life

  • Gaming sector of the community, housing our Christian ESO guild, Minecraft realm, game events, and any future game communities that may be added.

Walking Together Network (WTN)

Support, Uplift, Promote

  • Fellow Christian communities and content creators supporting, uplifting and promoting one another to share resources, events and content.

Families Gaming Together (FGT)

Scripture, Family, Life

  • A private, invite-only space for parents of gaming-aged children to join events to play together and build relationships.

Lady Gamers for Christ (LGC)

Scripture, Fellowship, Life

  • A space for ladies to build Christ focused relationships, fellowship and support one another.

How can you help?


  • If you are interested in helping in any leadership roles within WTN, FGT or LGC please let me know! FGT and LGC are still in the development stages and we could use those God calls in to help us get them set up the way He intends.


  • Join any sectors that are appropriate for you, and become part of WTN. Join events, hang in the Discord server and voice chats, join Discord Bible studies, Bible study streams, or anywhere else you would like in the community!!


  • Share our community and events! We invite you to share our content, custom images, posts, schedules, events, and any other aspect of the community. Sharing helps others discover us which then allows us to also support them and spread the Good News further and wider!


  • Any community has operational expenses. If you feel God has put it on your heart, there are certainly ways to support financially. This is NEVER expected, but God called me to sign up as a Twitch Affiliate to open this door for Him to provide for me as I run this community for Him, and with this you can support us through Twitch Subs, Bits, donations, and merchandise purchases.

If you would like to get involved please don’t hesitate to reach out! We have a variety of contact forms across the newly designed site, and more information will come as we continue to develop LGC and FGT. We truly hope you will be as excited as we are about all of these changes as we take this huge leap forward in God’s plan. Thank you so much for being a part of this community and may God bless you my friends!



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