January Newsletter

Welcome to 2021! We made it! The last year was long yet flew by in the blink of an eye. Our community accomplished SO much in 2020 and God has definitely been setting us up for an incredible year in 2021. We have some incredible updates already since our last update that I am very excited to announce.

Before jumping into what is changing (or has changed already) I want to say thank you first and foremost to the Lord for not only sustaining us but for also driving us deeper as a community dedicated to fellowship and faith. Thank you also, Lord, for using us for your divine purposes, for guiding, shaping, molding, correcting, and teaching us every single day. I also want to thank God for the incredible blessing that each and every member of this community has been and continues to be for me personally, but also to one another and to the Kingdom of God. With so much darkness in our world right now it is so challenging to stay focused on the Light, but we are doing that here and I am so encouraged by seeing everyone loving, learning, and growing as fellow members of the Body of Christ. That is why we are here and that is what God is doing here with, in, and through us.

Fellowship & Studies

Our community is founded on fellowship as we develop, learn and grow in our faith and relationship with Christ. Fellowship is an incredible and vital part of every Christian’s life and we are called to not neglect gathering together with fellow believers as well as spending personal, intentional time with the Lord. With this, we are always praying over and striving for better fellowship as a community dedicated to faithfully following Jesus. This year we have made the big decision to transition from our large-group Bible studies on Twitch into Diving Deeper Small Groups where we can focus on building personal, intentional, meaningful relationships with a small group of people as we dive deeply into scripture together. These groups are designed to make their own schedules, go into the Word in the depth and direction the Lord determines for them, and do life together as each person gets to know the others in their group.

We have also launched our mens’ fellowship group, the Forge, which many men have already joined and begun their men-to-men fellowship. Our ladies’ group, the Vineyard, has begun a Battle Plan for Prayer study together on Wednesdays (which I personally HIGHLY recommend literally everyone read) and we are also diving into the book overviews that coincide with the Deep Dive studies every other Saturday.

Fellowship is needed and this year we have a massive focus on fellowshipping better as the Body of Christ and we very much look forward to growing in deeper, more meaningful relationships with everyone God calls into our community so that we are better equipped for the great works Jesus has commissioned each of us to do.

Find out more information, request to join, or volunteer to form a Diving Deeper Small Group!


We are striving to bring better fellowship as well as biblical discussions and study into our game play. This is a part of meeting people where they are with the Word of God and message of the Gospel. We primarily play Elder Scrolls Online & Minecraft Bedrock together, but we are growing in the amount of games we are playing and would love to see what everyone is playing and how you would like to have faith and fellowship expanded while we play together!


We are praying over those who feel led to serve in any way in our community to be obedient to that call and seek out myself or a Director to discuss God’s promptings in your heart. We are confident that God will guide the right leaders into the team who He knows need to be here and for the purpose He intends.


We have made a major change in how we receive financial support from those who feel led to give back to our community in this way. We have moved from Twitch subscriptions and bits to Patreon Subscriptions. With this, we are able to more responsibly manage the funds in which God blesses us with through the generosity of our members. If you would like to learn more please feel free to check out our Patreon page. We also have a merchandise shop filled with custom, God-honoring designs intended to inspire and proclaim faith. We never ask for nor expect financial support, but if God puts it on your heart to give back in this way it is always so incredibly appreciated.

Ongoing & Upcoming

Over the last year we have been praying over and working through plans for a couple of additional groups in the community. God has been taking us in a direction to be better united, connected and fellowshipping within the community and with this we have the following updates:

  1. We Brew & Teen Brew: These groups were being designed to be spaces for parents and teens to specifically fellowship with one another. As our community grows (both in numbers and fellowship) we believe God has led for We Brew to be incorporated organically within the Vineyard & the Forge so that men and women can fellowship together about marriage, relationships, singleness, parenting etc. These groups have been a huge blessing so far and this is another beautiful area men and women can come together to fellowship deeper, building each other up even more.

  2. Walking Together Network: WTN has been growing yet we found ourselves needing a revival which required a better unity within the overall community. We have brought WTN into the fold within the main community versus as a stand-alone group and have created a space in the server for streamer and content creator support. We will also be able to better promote and support our faith led content creators in their mission on their various platforms. You can find the revised page of Christian streamers on our website and can look forward to more being added as we build relationships with additional God-honoring, Christ-like content creators.

  3. Bible Study Blog: We are working on several areas of the blog to make it easier to navigate and find studies that are relevant to you and your needs. We now have the following categories: Bible Study Devotionals, Live by Faith, Diving Deeper, Godly Family, Gamer to Gamer, Leader to Leader, Book Overviews, and Bible Translations. You can expect to see new posts here as we grow and study together.

  4. Prayer Journal: Prayer is heartfelt communication with God. We should all strive to grow deeper into our prayer life with God, and one way we are encouraging that is through offering Prayer Journal template pages, as well as other planner style templates. More designs are likely to be added over time, but you can download any of our designs for free anytime here. I encourage you to do everything prayerfully, intentionally focused on God and honoring Him in all that we do.

  5. Study Notes: We want to also remind you that we have our previous series' study notes available for download anytime for anyone who would like to access, download, or print them for free anytime. We encourage further discussion in the Diving Deeper channel of the Discord as well.

As we continue to grow and fellowship we will continue to have more exciting updates. We love and thank each and every member of this incredible community, and most of all thank God for providing and building this space, and guiding us to do all we do here. Thank you, Lord, for all that You are, do, and have done for us and whatever is ahead of us.


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Our gaming community, which includes our Christian ESO guild and Christian Minecraft Realm, as well as our Christian women's group, the Vineyard, and all other events and offerings are designed to foster meaningful Christian to Christian fellowship. Our mission is to grow in faith and learn how to become better examples of Christ together in all areas of our lives.​

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