Leviticus Overview

Who? | Author & Audience

Moses wrote Leviticus for future generations to learn about God’s covenant with the Israelites.

When? | Dates

1730 B.C. to 1405 B.C.

Where? | Setting

Leviticus tells of the Israelites in Egypt, their journey out of Egypt, through the wilderness, and on to the conquest of Canaan.

What & Why? | Outline & Purpose

Sacrifice system (1-7)

  1. Offerings (1-6)

  2. Instructions for offerings (7)

Ordination of priests (8-10)

  1. Ordination of Aaron and his sons (8)

  2. Dedication of the Tabernacle (9)

  3. Consequent regulations for the priests (10)

Treatment of uncleanliness (11-15)

  1. Clean and unclean animals (11)

  2. Bodily uncleanness (12-15)

Day of Atonement regulations (16)

The Holiness Code (17-26)

  1. Sacrifices and food (17)

  2. Obedience to the Lord’s commands (18-22)

  3. Acceptable worship (23-26)

Gifts and Tithes (27)

How? | Application

  • Leviticus is the third book of the Pentateuch, and one of the five books of the Torah.

  • Ordination established for Christ to fulfill the Law.

  • Displays the faithfulness of God toward His people through all of history.

  • Reveals the holiness and love of God toward His people in ways not found anywhere else in scripture.

  • Learning the importance of knowing and applying God’s Law.

  • Learning about faithful obedience to God through cleanliness and worship.

  • Learning the importance of giving back to God.

  • Learning about the way to God and the walk with God.


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