October Newsletter

I cannot believe we are at October already. I personally love the Fall, and October happens to be my favorite month of the year. I'm excited for all our community has planned this month. We will have some changes to our in game events, and we have implemented some things into our fellowship events schedule and studies I hope you'll like!


We launched our Lady Gamers for Christ group and had our first study on the book of Genesis! You can find the notes HERE under "Bible Book Review"!

If you're a Christian lady or know a Christian lady that would enjoy fellowship with other Christian ladies… let us know here! We'd love to add to the family.

We also officially launched our Walking Together Network (WTN) and are excited to be fellowshipping with fellow Christian content creators and community leaders, and look forward to continuing to grow WTN. Check out our Creators and Communities, as well as what WTN is all about!


We are diving deep into God's Word five mornings a week. Four of those days we provide study notes for you to either download or access on the site via desktop, mobile and even the app here! I'd love to personally invite you to check those out and study along with us even if you're unable to be with us in the mornings! You're welcome to use the notes however you please - they are there for you!

I have tremendously enjoyed using my NKJV Study Bible to prepare these studies. It has been a huge blessing to me as well as to the preparation and content of our studies, and want to thank all those who contributed to help me get it. I also enjoy using my NKJV Women's Study Bible and have just picked up an ESV Study Bible and a Max Lucado Encouraging Word Bible to contribute to my studies for the notes and our weekly blog studies as well. Having a study Bible (or many) you can count on and enjoy is am incredible asset in the life and faith of a Christian! If you would ever like to discuss recommendations or why I love these so much reach out anytime.


This month we are aligning our Saturdays to focus on end game Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) content. We've had a great time with our trial trainings, and now we are introducing alternating weeks of trials and veteran dungeon training! You can keep up with the schedule here and signup in Discord.

We have a plethora of other ESO events throughout each week and would love to see you there while we fellowship in gaming together!


I'd like to also take this opportunity to let you know we have lots of opportunities to serve in the community. As we grow, we rely even more so on the gracious service of our members who heed God's call to contribute in a greater capacity. Please take a moment to look through all of the opportunities, and check back regularly for updates. As we grow new opportunities are being added.


Anyone who knows me knows I don't like to ask for support, BUT with that said I do want you to know about some cool new things as well as how and why these options are here.

I, JeanneDArcc, run this community full time and any support offered helps me to continue funding this community and its resources, and allows us to continue growing in the ways God is calling. I rely on the grace and guidance of God and generosity of our members to keep things running.

I love to look for ways that members can support while also receiving perks for themselves. I'm excited to announce I am now an Amazon Affiliate and with this I get to provide coupons and deals from Amazon to our community. You get to shop for things you were already going to, get a discount on lots of items, and support me and this community all at once! Our website and my Twitch channel both have lots of information for you and using my affiliate links helps me while you shop.

We also have options to Subscribe through Twitch and Patreon, each with their own perks, Donate via Bits on Twitch, and a Merchandise Shop as well!

Ongoing & Upcoming

We have several projects being worked on right now I would love to tell you about.

  1. 12 Hour Stream - on 10/3/20 at 8am-8pm PST I will be streaming my first 12 hour stream to celebrate our community's amazing growth. This will be a cool opportunity to game with me, study together, and also we will have some support goals with fun giveaways.

  2. Mom & Me Blog Category - I am working on an idea that is geared toward parents helping kids understand scripture better. As a mom myself I am hearing all sorts of awesome questions I forget kids don't know and figured - I doubt I am the only parent to feel that way! This is a cool way for parents to support one another and help explain Scripture and faith to kids in ways they will understand.

  3. Lady to Lady Blog Category - I have also felt on my heart to start working on a specific category for women. As we started up our ladies group I began to realize the depth of importance for women to fellowship together and relate to one another. It's a tough world out there for us ladies and I felt a pull to focus a category specifically for us.

  4. Families Gaming Together - This is still in development and we are taking our time to ensure things are done correctly for the safety (and legality) of our mission and families. Stay tuned for more as we progress!

  5. Rabbit Hole Studies - I am working on some plans to begin collecting what we call "Rabbit Hole Studies". We come up with a lot of them and I want to take those questions that come out of other studies and dive into those rabbit holes together. Expect to see more on this before long!

  6. Walking Together Network - I am working on some additional resources for our WTN members and we are also always seeking to add to the Network. We have had an amazing launch thus far and there are so many things on the list to complete!

If you want contribute, provide ideas, or keep up with all the community updates please check our website regularly and join us in Discord where we focus on ongoing fellowship and faith. We love doing life together and would love to grow with you!


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