The Great Sheltering

Before my oldest daughter was born, I thought kids were blank slates that parents wrote upon. Boy was I wrong. As soon as I held her, I was faced with how remarkably complex she is. Same was true as my other 3 kids took their place in the family structure.

We are all complex and as a human like you, I am no different.

One of my daughters taught me that I am an extrovert. I told her she was mistaken as I am a shy introvert. She educated me on the differences and she was right. I feed on the energy of experiences and situations and feel ready to take on the world and the next great adventure! I also happen to have social anxiety. Getting me into situations takes a bit of prodding.

The stay-at-home-orders have me in a bit of a split. My social anxiety side LOVES that I have nowhere to go and no new adventures or having to go to strange places.

Alas, the extrovert, energy consuming side of me is not having any of this. It feels left out.

Had The Great Sheltering happened 30 years ago, before the internet, I would have just been in total chill mode.

Being that it's 2020, I get to Zoom with family and friends, play DnD online, Twitch stream, chat in Discord, listen to podcasts, attend online Bible studies, socialize in Christian gaming communities, and so much more; my extrovert side is not being sequestered like my body.

So what? Why am I writing all of this?

I look on this as a chance to understand who I am and what I have been missing. When I finally get let out, I will be incorporating some of this new stuff into my old life. Isn’t that what life is all about? Learning and growing and trying new things and developing new traditions and experiences?

No matter who you are, just look at all of the good and see what you can do to incorporate the new into the old.

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